Maybe it's because I saw De Sica's classic Umberto D. again over the weekend, or maybe it's because I'm excited for tomorrow's release of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Cujo on DVD and Blu-ray, but I've got movie dogs on the brain. Last night I even randomly spent some time watching YouTube clips of my all-time favorite movie dog, Asta, from the Thin Man franchise (played by Skippy, who also appears in Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth).

So it was coincidentally fun this morning learning that the Fido Awards happened over the weekend. The ceremony, nicknamed the "canine Oscars," occurred in London Saturday, when trophies were handed out in five separate categories. To my surprise, the Fidos don't exclude animated dogs, as the talking dog, Dug, from Pixar's Up won the Blockbuster Bowser award, beating out pups from Gran Torino, Inglourious Basterds and another animation, Coraline, in the category.
Other Fidos went to the following canines/films: Marley from Marley & Me took the Romcom Rover award (other nominated pics included The Proposal, My Best Friend's Girl and I Love You, Man); Dash (played by Tori) from The Young Victoria picked up the Historical Hound award (other nominees included Taking Woodstock, Dean Spanley and W.); Tennents (played by Syrus) from Fish Tank took the indie-film-related category Mutt Moment (other nominees included Let the Right One In, Sleep Furiously and Wendy and Lucy); and the ensemble of dogs (credited as Chloe and friends) from Beverly Hills Chihuahua won Comedy Canine (nominees included Hotel For Dogs, Bolt and Fantastic Mr. Fox). Winner of the top award, Best in World was also the King Charles Spaniel from The Young Victoria.

Say what you will about cutesy dog movies, of which this year's Fido nominees represent some of the worst in a long time. But films for dog-lovers will always be popular, and not just with dog owners. I haven't had a dog in more than a decade, but recent movies like Bolt and Wendy and Lucy affected me, nonetheless, with their endearing portrayals of girls and their dogs. Both films are now in the pile of my favorite all-time dog movies, which makes me a little disappointed they weren't Fido winners.

What are your favorite dogs on film and/or dog movies?
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