Our good friend and EIC Erik Davis (that's me!) had a very thoughtful idea for the holiday season: Why not scan the early flyers for the Black Friday sales, and report back to you -- the ravenous movie junkie -- to let you know where to find the best treats on the day after Thanksgiving? We'll be bringing you deals for a variety of stores and online retailers all week long. Here's what we've posted so far so you can keep track:

Black Friday Movie Deals: Best Buy
Black Friday Movie Deals: Target

Walmart opens at 5am on Friday, November 27th. I've highlighted the most notable (for being awesome) deals in bold.


17 Again (DVD) $9.00
Aliens In The Attic (DVD) $9.00
Blazing Saddles (DVD) $2.00
Blood Diamond (DVD) $2.00
Braveheart (Blu-ray) $10.00
Casino Royale (DVD) $2.00
Facing Giants (DVD) $2.00
Fast & Furious (Blu-ray) $10.00
Fireproof (DVD) $9.00
GI Joe (DVD) $9.00
Gladiator (Blu-ray) $10.00
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Blu-ray) $10.00
HellBoy II (DVD) $2.00
Horton Hears A Who (DVD) $5.00
Hotel For Dogs (DVD) $5.00
I Am Legend (DVD) $2.00
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Blu-ray) $10.00
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD) $9.00
Iron Man (DVD) $5.00
Kung Fu Panda (DVD) $5.00
Little Black Book (DVD) $2.00
Madagascar 2 (DVD) $5.00
Mall Cop (DVD) $5.00
Marley & Me (DVD) $9.00
Monsters Vs Aliens 2 Pack (DVD) $9.00
Nim's Island (DVD) $5.00

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DVD/Blu-ray continued

Quantum Of Solace (DVD) $9.00
Seven Pounds (DVD) $5.00
Spaceballs (DVD) $2.00
Spider-Man 3 (Blu-ray) $10.00
Star Trek (DVD) $9.00
Surf's Up (DVD) $5.00
Terminator 3 (Blu-ray) $10.00
The Big Freeze (DVD) $2.00
The Boondock Saints (Blu-ray) $10.00
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (DVD) $5.00
The Dark Knight (Blu-ray) $10.00
The Dark Knight (DVD) $5.00
The Great Longneck Migration (DVD) $2.00
The Marine (DVD) $2.00
The Mummy (DVD) $2.00
The Mysterious Island (DVD) $2.00
The Secret Of Saurus Rock (DVD) $2.00
The Tale Of Despereaux (DVD) $5.00
The Wisdom Of Friends (DVD) $2.00
Underworld (Blu-ray) $10.00
Underworld (DVD) $2.00
Underworld: Evolution (DVD) $2.00
Wanted (Blu-ray) $10.00
X-Men 2 (DVD) $5.00
X-Men 3: The Last Stand (DVD) $5.00
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (DVD) $5.00
Year One (DVD) $9.00
Yes Man (DVD) $5.00
Young Frankenstein (DVD) $2.00


Magnavox NB500 Blu-ray Disc Player $78.00

Samsung BD-P1590 Blu Ray Player (Saturday 11/28 Only) $148.00
Sony BDP-S369 Blu Ray Player $148.00

For more Black Friday deals, head over to WalletPop.
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