November's lack of worthwhile horror DVDs and Blu-rays is a blessing in disguise. On the one hand, there are no new movies you need to rush to get through. On the other hand, you can save a little coin in the hope that December brings with it bigger and brighter bits of gore.

Best of the New Releases: Um...
There is only one new release out today that I've actually seen and that is The Witches Hammer, and even then it's only new to the US. It's a British indie that first came out over two and a half years ago, and if you're wondering where it has been all this time, well, you haven't seen The Witches Hammer. It's exactly what that cover implies: chic vampire dual-wielding swords goes on a fantasy adventure. If you like low-budget fantasy movies, however, this is perfect for you.
Best of the Catalog Releases: Frailty, Cujo, My Bloody Valentine, Monster Squad, Angel Heart
The only good thing to come out of November's severe horror movie dry spell is the fact that Lionsgate took advantage of it and decided to upgrade some of their better catalog titles to Blu-ray. I haven't actually seen any of these discs myself, though Amazon should be getting my copy of Frailty to me today, so I can't attest if the bump in technical specs is enough to make you drop your DVDs or not, but considering Amazon has them for only $12.99 each, the price should soften any upgrade angst.

Complete List of Horror DVDs and Blu-rays out November 24th, 2009 (with snark where applicable):
- Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Four
- Angel Heart (Blu-ray)
- Cujo (Blu-ray)
- Curse of the Crying Woman
- Devilman
- Frailty (Blu-ray)
- House of Fears
- The House on Sorority Row
- I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (Rob Hunter at FSR says this is pretty entertaining. I trust him.)
- The Monster Squad (Blu-ray)
- My Bloody Valentine (Note, this is the original on Blu-ray)
- Omen (Note, this is not a Thai remake of The Omen, it's just a bad Thai movie)
- Reborn
- The Witches Hammer
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