A film about an affair with your best friend's daughter is probably the last place you would expect to find a lesson on morality. But oddly enough, that's exactly what you get in Larry Gelbart's sex comedy, Blame It On Rio. Like many of the films I saw during my childhood, I was well out of the prescribed age group for the story of a May-December affair, but I always remembered this movie for two reasons: it was where I learned about the world of mid-life crisis, and I even learned a little something about the consequences of your actions ... but we'll get to that later. So if you've never seen this movie, you're in luck because SlashControl offers the flick as part of their free film selection.

Released in 1984, Rio was written by Gelbart, who is best known for his work in TV (as one of the creators of M.A.S.H) and in film (as the writer of Tootsie), and was directed by movie-musical legend, Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain). The story centered on two friends, Victor and Matthew (played respectively by Joseph Bologna and Michael Caine), who decide to go on vacation to Rio de Janeiro when their marriages have hit the skids. But things get a little tricky when Matthew (Caine) begins an affair with his best friend's teenage daughter, Jennifer (played by Michelle Johnson).
The film is a farce, so there are plenty of near misses and slamming doors, but in the end both men return to their wives, and Jennifer finds a nice boy her own age. So what could a 9-year-old girl possibly learn from all this? Well, my valuable lesson came from a particular line of dialog courtesy of Matthew's estranged wife Karen (played by Valerie Harper): "For everything you want in life, there is a price to pay, and somebody has to pay it. It might not be you, but the price will have to be paid." And they say you can't learn anything from the movies ...

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