When you've glutted yourself on Turkey, must take a break from New Moon reportage, and want to get busy with the Oscar race, it's time to turn the writing work over to the celebs. Both Variety and Entertainment Weekly handed the pens over to the stars recently for two very different reasons -- one, to remember stars we've lost this year like Patrick Swayze, and two, to highlight Academy Award hopefuls in the ever-increasing Oscar race.

Of course, EW wants you to buy the mag, so they're only including one of the movie tributes online, and that's C. Thomas Howell writing about his memories of working with Swayze. The two worked together on The Outsiders all those years ago, and Howell writes: "The one thing that was great about him was also the most irritating fact about him: He was always somehow better than you, no matter what it was you were doing. It didn't matter if you were on horseback, shooting weapons, roller-skating, or reciting Shakespeare. He was a tough f-er and a free spirit." I don't know if I could pick a more apt description for him. Swayze always had that sense of ease about him, whether it was looking smooth on the dance floor, getting in on the Point Break action, or crying away his self-help guru woes. (Further tributes include Matthew Broderick on John Hughes and Keith Carradine on David Carradine.)

On the other side of the celeb writing spectrum, Variety has got the stars commenting on the myriad of actors who are vying for that little fancy statue. There are a ton ranging from Julianne Moore on Meryl Streep to Marcia Gay Harden on Robin Williams to Tom Cruise commenting on Peter Sarsgaard in An Education.

And all this celeb writing has me wish we could give up a little of the pomp and circumstance and see a roundtable of big names in Hollywood doing their own sort of Siskel and Ebert on the hopefuls. Well, if they'd dare to be honest.
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