In case you haven't noticed, one of the hottest trends of 2009 so far has found popular actors threatening to retire from the business for good. First we had Joaquin Phoenix do his little absurd actor-turned-rapper-turned-performance-artist thing (which was popular and relevant for all of about three days), and then we had Viggo Mortensen kinda half-retire before taking it all back, and now there's Alec Baldwin -- who, in a new interview with Men's Journal (via The Hollywood Reporter), admits that he's had about enough of acting, considers his entire career a "failure" and claims that he'll retire once his stint on 30 Rock is up.

My first reaction: What's up with Men's Journal, and why do actors feel the need to announce their retirement through them? Mortensen's whole snafu came from an interview with Men's Journal, and now Baldwin. Is Men's Journal now the publication actors will turn to when they want to semi-announce their retirement in spectacular (and somewhat moronic) fashion? I mean, really Alec? You consider your career a failure? Tell that to the middle-aged aspiring actor working six jobs in Los Angeles just so he can call home once a week to tell his family that the second assistant's assistant's assistant on the Viagra commercial really thought he showed promise as a background extra, and that all those years of hard work are finally paying off.

Baldwin's specific comments went something like, "I consider my entire movie career a complete failure. The goal of movie-making is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that. And now, the movies I've been in, I never give them a moment's thought. Every movie I've ever been in, I just avoid."

Sounds a little pompous and self-defeating if you ask me. This man needs more therapy, and not another interview with Men's Journal. Thoughts?
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