Platinum Dunes, the company behind the reboots of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street, announced they were going to revisit Alfred Hitchcock's classic nature-run-amok film The Birds over two years ago. Though little progress has been tracked since then, the bulk of that time span found Casino Royale and Goldeneye director Martin Campbell the main name attached to the helm. And while one could have assumed the lack of visible progress meant the remake had idled at the studio, Pajiba is now reporting that's no longer the case.

According to their source, The Birds is once again looking to get off the ground, only without Campbell in the pilot's seat. They're told that Dennis Iliades is being courted to take over, a move that should divide fans of the original film. On the one hand, Campbell's experience with grand set pieces would have been a snug fit for a movie that requires as much as adventure as it does beak-pecking horror. On the other, Iliades delivery of The Last House on the Left update earlier this year was, I felt, one of the better horror remakes of the last couple years and announced the arrival of a keen new eye for horror. Pajiba further elaborates that Iliades won't simply be making the movie Campbell had been prepared to, rather Platinum Dunes is paying for rewrites that will be more in tone with the Greek directors R-rated proclivities, though the blog doesn't cite who that duty is being delegated to. Obviously without an official announcement there are no tentative release dates or stars (Naomi Watts had been rumored to headline Campbell's version) attached, and even BD doubts Iliades is taking over, but the gears do appear to be grinding again, for better or worse.

And though I'm sure many are resistant to the idea of a Birds remake, at least it won't be as bad as Birdemic, the trailer for which is embedded below.

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