Many people were pissed last month when the Academy revealed its shortlist for the Best Documentary Feature category and Anvil! The Story of Anvilwasn't included. Hopefully fans of the cult doc can relax now, because the film has received two prestigious awards from the International Documentary Association, including the organization's top prize, for Distinguished Feature. Anvil!, which comically follows the titular Canadian heavy metal band on tour and has since made them more famous than ever before, also took home the IDA's award for best music documentary. Director Sacha Gervasi, formerly a roadie for the group, reportedly responded to the film's success by saying, "f**king hell." He, like many others, probably expected Oscar front-runner Food win the top award.

It's not at all rare for the IDA and the Academy to disagree on what is the year's best documentary, if only because of qualification issues. Last year there was a tie for the IDA's award for Distinguished Feature between Man on Wire, which went on to win the feature documentary Oscar, and Waltz With Bashir, which wasn't qualified for Academy consideration in the doc category (it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, however). In 2007, another doc not eligible for the Academy Award, Walk to Beautiful, won over eventual Oscar-winner Taxi to the Dark Side.

In addition to honoring Gervasi (and Anvil), the IDA recognized Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line; The Fog of War) with its career achievement award. Other IDA winners include the films Garbage Dreams (Humanitas Award), which was on the Oscar shortlist, The Final Inch(Pare Lorentz Award), Wounded Knee(ABCNews VideoSource Award), The First Kid to Learn English from Mexico(David L. Wolper Student Documentary Achievement Award) and Salt(Short Documentary Award). Filmmakers Nicolas Noxon and Natalia Almada, lawyer Michael Donaldson and the television series POV and Architecture School were also honored.