Yet another bad week for new horror movie releases provides an opportunity for a distributor to break out some catalog titles on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, that is about all we get.

Best of the New Releases: Um...
I guess we'll hand this arbitrary title to Plaguers, because I'm damn sure not giving it to Run, Bitch, Run!, which is the only other new release of the week.
Best of the Catalog Releases: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Blu-ray), While She Was Out (Blu-ray)
I'm not the biggest fan of Jon Knautz's throwback to the man-in-suit monster movies - I think the titular character of Jack Brooks is rather dull, even for someone who is supposed to be an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation - but even I can admit that it's a fun flick. JB:MS also sports one of the better Robert Englund roles recent horror has had to offer as well, so that's a bonus.

On the not-strictly-horror-but-where-else-does-it-go front, Anchor Bay has given While She Was Out a nice little HD face lift. I have a feeling this woman-in-trouble movie starring Kim Bassinger and produced by Guillermo del Toro slipped under most people's radar, but it's a pretty nasty little gem.

As with the other Anchor Bay Blu-ray releases today, these appears to be nothing more than a high definition upgrade. So if you only kind of like the flick and own it on DVD, there are no new features to lull you over to the Blu, but there is only a $10 entrance fee, which may make it worth your while.

Complete List of Horror DVD and Blu-rays for December 8th, 2009:
- The Alphabet Killer (Blu-ray)
- Behind the Mask (Blu-ray)
- Cyclops (Blu-ray; an above-average Syfy channel movie is still a Syfy channel movie)
- Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Blu-ray)
- Plaguers (Asking $28 for an STV movie no one wants to see is moronic)
- Red Mist (Blu-ray; another awful movie made by the guy who did Shrooms)
- Run, Bitch, Run! (Ugh.)
- Sands of Oblivion (Blu-ray; Another Syfy vet)
- Walled In (Blu-ray)
- While She Was Out (Blu-ray)
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