What do you do when your husband leaves you for a younger woman? You fight the little homewrecker, right? But what if she's professionally trained in martial arts? That appears to be the question that spawned Wife vs. Ninja, a high-concept idea just bought by DreamWorks, according to Variety.

The pitch comes from Michael Besman, producer of About Schmidtand The Opposite of Sex, and specifically involves a woman whose scientist hubby ditches the married life to be with his intern. But the wife learns the young woman is actually a ninja assassin on a mission to steal the husband's secret formula for a new hair tonic or burger sauce, or whatever it is he's working on. So, if the title is any indication, the wife then fights the girlfriend for the life and love of her undeserving man. I don't know about you, but I see Meg Ryan as the wife. She's like the go-to actress for playing wronged women these days. Currently she stars in Serious Moonlight, in which she takes her cheating husband hostage by duct taping him to a toilet. Can I picture Ryan kicking ass, though? Not really.

What about Meryl Streep? If there's anything she still needs to do to prove she's the greatest actress of all time it's grab some nunchakus and show us some serious action. It could be her third pairing with Amy Adams, who'd take the role of the intern/ninja.

Unfortunately, Wife vs. Ninja will not be as good as that. It probably won't even be as good as Beverly Hills Ninja or 3 Ninjas, for that matter. But a guy can dream. It's all one can really do when handed news like this.
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