A few weeks back, we brought you the news that Joshua Jackson was going to star in an adaptation of the British cult TV series, UFO. Now, we bring you news, courtesy of Forbidden Planet, that Ali Larter is interested in jumping on board. Or so says visual effects wiz turned director, Matthew Gratzner:

"For the character of Virginia Lake, " says Gratzner. "we've talked to Ali Larter, who's very interested. I've actually met with her, and I think she would be a great addition to the picture. Lake is very strong and obviously also very feminine, and Ali Larter definitely encompasses that.

And I bet she'll look really good in a sci-fi jumpsuit, am I right? Huh?"

Okay, so I made that last line up, but let's just accept that there are ulterior motivations when you cast a beautiful woman in your $130 million movie. In all seriousness, my exposure to Larter is limited in that her resume reads like a laundry list of forgettable junk that has never really asked her to actually act. I mean, I love the first two Final Destination films as much as anyone who loves awesomely cheesy modern horror, but let's face facts...didn't showcase any moving, powerful work from anyone. And bashing her role on Heroes is pretty much beating a dead horse, so let's let's just put up the yellow tape and let the garbage man load the carcass onto the truck.

Gratzner's quote is part of a pretty interesting look at the film, where Gratzner admits that they are planning a trilogy and that the treatments for the sequels are "...even more spectacular!" Of course they are.

The rest of the piece takes a look at how the script came together, how they will balance the aspects of the show with new elements and how Gratzner intends to make a dark, brooding and emotionally complex story about a man who lives underneath a film studio and battles organ harvesting aliens with the help of a moon base.

"What I want to do with UFO is what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman franchise, or Martin Campbell did with Casino Royale...UFO is not a spoof, or a parody or a kids' movie. It's a pretty dark story, actually...it is not a show for young children."


Okay, so I don't buy Gratzner saying that UFO was a dark show, but I'll accept that he wants to make a serious science fiction action film and I'm willing to let him do this thing. Go do your thing, Matthew Gratzner. I promise I'll stop throwing YouTube clips at you the moment I see a trailer.
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