Their eagerly anticipated, yet not-so-great-looking team-up Date Night doesn't hit theaters until April, but NBC sitcom stars Tina Fey and Steve Carell are already looking to reunite for another romantic comedy, according to Pajiba. The site reports exclusively that Warner Bros. has begun development on Mail Order Groom, which would cast Fey as a lonely American woman who gets herself an Eastern European hubby through mail-order. Carell will obviously be that titular groom, a Borat-like soldier who is probably more than Fey bargained for.

The project has been set up at Carell's production company, so either way he'll probably end up in the film, but Warner Bros. will probably wait until Date Night comes out to realize the duo doesn't work. Unless, that is, the studio has sent some spies over to the Fox lot and knows something we don't. So far judgment on Date Night has been based solely on a terribly unfunny trailer and the basic fact that romantically pairing the stars of 30 Rock and The Office never seemed like a good idea in the first place. Maybe they are surprisingly compatible after all?
Warner Bros. apparently has a script all ready, penned by Bad Santa writers Glenn Ficarra and John Renqua, and is currently looking for a director. Pajiba mentions that the script has a 30 Rock tone, so why not just hire that show's main helmer, Don Scardino? Or, how about Ken Whittingham or Paul Feig or Dennie Gordon, all of whom have experience directing both actors' shows? Okay, maybe Whittingham is a bad idea since he gave us Joe Dirt. Then again, I'm really not expecting much from this obnoxious-sounding comedy anyway. Can't we just let TV stars be TV stars and not force them together into crappy movies?
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