Those who watch HBO's Entourage should remember that back in 2006 the show dreamt up a fictional scenario that had its star, Vince (Adrian Grenier), suiting up to play Aquaman in a film that was directed by none other than James Cameron. The director briefly popped up in a few episodes, and for awhile afterwards there was actually talk of Cameron and/or Mark Wahlberg (who executive produces Entourage) putting together a real Aquaman movie. Of course that never happened, but the Aquaman subplot -- and subsequent real-life movie rumors -- really did help increase the show's popularity, as well as paved the way for many more celebrity and filmmaker cameos (in this past season Vince finished a Great Gatsby remake helmed by Martin Scorsese).

But for this particular post, we're gonna travel back to June 18, 2006, which is the original air date for "One Day in the Valley". The episode revolved around Aquaman's opening weekend, and how the guys were all on edge because the West Coast was suffering through a major heat wave that was causing tons of rolling black outs (in one scene, posted after the jump, the guys are watching the film when one of the black outs hit). Thus, folks immediately thought the film's opening box office numbers would suffer, but in the end it was revealed that Aquaman actually scored $116 million for the weekend, which at the time gave it the best opening weekend ever.

Cut to 2009 and the very real James Cameron film that was opening this past weekend ...
Taking into consideration the whole Entourage connection, don't you think it was a bit freaky that a major snow storm hit the East Coast causing the entire industry to question the film's opening box office? Even freakier is the fact that even though it hurt the final numbers, Avatar still broke the all-time December record with $77.3 million (according to the latest numbers).

So, yeah, what's up with that? Do you think Entourage jinxed Avatar with its heat wave subplot? Or maybe it actually helped Avatar since, like Aquaman, both films still wound up breaking box office records? Or maybe it's just a really big coincidence, and there's not some evil voodoo witch doctor working on staff as an Entourage writer. I don't know ... but you have to admit it's a little bizarre ... right?

[Thanks to Aaron B. for pointing this out]

Warning: The following clip contains foul language

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