fox fringe unearthed lost episodeNo, it's not a Lost-Fringe crossover – although that would probably be the coolest thing ever! – it's a "lost" episode of Fringe.

That's right, apparently rumors about a missing episode of Fringefilmed for season one are true, and Fox plans to air the missing ep, aptly titled "Unearthed," in January up against NBC's Heroes.

"Unearthed" centers on another creepy case-of-the-week involving a dying girl who wakes up screaming an alphanumeric code after her mother pulls the plug on her life support. Suddenly, loads of Russian spy data are downloaded into the girl's brain, leaving her in danger and the Fringe crew with another eerie mystery to solve.

Fans of actor Kirk Acevedo will be happy to know that a live and kicking Charlie Francis is featured in the episode, alongside Olivia, Peter, Broyles and Walter. It'll be nice to see Charlie acting like himself again, instead of like an evil, twitchy shape-shifting murderer.
So how exactly does this episode fit into the Fringe continuity? Does it have any bearing on season two's current warring universes arc? Sadly, Fox isn't saying. Their plan is to be coy about the ep's details, and about why they never aired it in the first place, and hope that enough Fringe fans turn up to beat Heroes in the ratings.

"Unearthed" airs Monday. Jan. 11 at 9 p.m. EST.

[Via: SciFi Wire]
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