(500) Days of Summer
One of the best releases of the summer movie season, (500) Days of Summer took all the tropes we know from the land of romcoms and made them work beautifully by instilling them with a real-life spin. In his Sundance review, Erik Davis wrote that the film "does not, in any way, re-invent the rom-com wheel; it's not the prettiest, the sexiest or the most hot-to-trot -- but she's a looker and a feeler and way too easy to fall in love with if you give her a little room to work that magic." Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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District 9
Neill Blomkamp reinvigorated the SciFi scene with District 9, an alien film that made the intelligence of the story just as important as the space creatures themselves. In his review, Peter Martin wrote: "Refreshingly, District 9 upends expectations that have been lowered over the years by remembering that human behavior is the most fascinating special effect of all, with the inexplicable motivations of alien creatures coming in a close second." Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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All About Steve

Along with her hits on the romcom and football playing fields, Sandra Bullock starred in the stalker-fest All About Steve. In his review, Jeffrey M. Anderson wrote that the film is "packaged like a regular romantic comedy, but in it, Bullock gets to play around and have fun with a much different character." Unfortunately, it falls to myriad of problems in plot and execution. Considering the award-nominated gigs Bullock has had this year, Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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The man behind Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, and Office Space now offers Extract -- the film that pits Jason Bateman's Joel against a mountain or personal and professional turmoil. In her review, Jette Kernion wrote: "as the story becomes more complicated, its characters show hidden depths and the plot provides the type of bizarrely comic situations we've come to expect from" Mike Judge. Rent it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Blind Date
After director Theo van Gogh was murdered, it was decided that three of his films would North American remakes. The first came quickly -- Steve Buscemi's Interview, the last -- John Turturro's 1-900 -- is stalled, and now, almost 5 years since the project was announced, Stanley Tucci's Blind Date is hitting shelves. Solely focused on Tucci and co-star Patricia Clarkson, Scott Weinberg wasn't entirely pleased with the homage: "two great actors trying to breathe some life into a premise that begins as simplistically 'symbolic,' and gets progressively less subtle as the film moves forward." Rent it only if you're interested in the van Gogh project or a long film of Tucci and Clarkson in conversation.

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
A Fritz Lang remake that came and went with little fuss, earning only a 4% fresh rating from those who reviewed it. In other words, Skip it altogether.

Also out: Staten Island

There's not much wow-worthy fare hitting Blu-ray shelves this week. The prime pick is definitely District9. In their review, Blu-ray.com wrote: "Sony's Blu-ray release of this impressive film is up to the task. Boasting startlingly clear visuals, a faultless lossless soundtrack, and plenty of bonus materials, District 9 is yet another feather in Sony's cap, a perfect example of why the studio may very well be Blu-ray's best and most consistent."

Also out: American Pie: The Book of Love, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side, It Might Get Loud, Staten Island

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Darkside
Best Buy perks up Seth McFarlane's latest spoof with a lunch box and t-shirt for $32.99. The shirt boasts Ernie the Giant Chicken as Boba Fett and the box features Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewy.

Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection

For the fashion fiends out there, this special release throws a bunch of discs into a pink hat box. Unfortunately, however, the only added perk to the release is a group of postcards. It's not exactly overflowing with perks, but might be adored by the fashionista Hepburn fiend who has room for another hat box.