For those of you disappointed that Tom Cruise bailed on the upcoming action film Salt (Angelina Jolie took his place), we've got the trailer for the equally ridiculous-looking spy thriller Knight & Day (formerly Wichita), courtesy of E! Online. The movie reunites Cruise with his Vanilla Sky costar Cameron Diaz in a plot about a lovelorn woman romanced by a secret agent. And against her wishes, she ends up involved in his latest mission. On paper it sounds like 27 Dresses meets Mission: Impossible (with a little Bourne Identitymixed in), and unfortunately there's not much shown in this spot to make it look any better than that.

Given that it's directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line; 3:10 to Yuma) and features the always appealing Peter Sarsgaard, I'm trying to overlook the sitcom-friendly title, contrived premise and, most of all, Cruise's smiley performance, which seems to combine Ethan Hunt with Jerry Maguire. Seriously, I hope this is more True Liesand Mr. and Mrs. Smith than it appears.
An extra warning to holiday travelers: viewing a trailer that shows a shootout on an airplane and an explosive crash landing of said jumbo jet may make you a bit hesitant to board your flight this week. Other action sequences teased here include the umpteenth motorcycle jump stunt in recent years and a subsequent highway bit that also seems a little too familiar.

Knight & Day was scripted by Patrick O'Neill, who hopefully learned something about romantic comedies of this kind while acting in a small role in Grosse Pointe Blank. In addition to Sarsgaard, the movie's impressive supporting cast includes Paul Dano and Viola Davis, neither of whom show up in this first trailer, as well as Maggie Grace and Olivier Martinez.

The spy thriller rom-com opens July 2, 2010. Upon first look, do you think you'll be there Independence Day weekend?