Before great publications like Fangoria came about, there was Famous Monsters of Filmland, a 1958 magazine put out by Warren Publishing who is known for other amazing mags like Creepy and Eerie. Editor Forrest J. Ackerman enthusiastically approached every issue about the classic monsters he loved like the Wolfman and King Kong. Eventually he branched off to interviews with the people behind the scenes, including makeup artists and screenwriters--you know, the people who often go overlooked. The magazine obviously showed that Ackerman had a deep reverence for creatures and creators alike, which made the publication one of the most popular go to horror/sci-fi/fantasy sources of the 1960's. The magazine folded in 1983 after 191 issues, but according to their website (and thanks to H101 for Tweeting the news), FM is back from the dead!

According to the website, FM wants to stay quiet about a lot of the details but they did offer some tidbits to look forward to:

- In order to make sure that FM gets as wide a release as possible, we've teamed with IDW Publishing. Not only are they one of the largest comic publishers in the country, recipient of Diamond Distributor's "Publisher of the Year" award 4 times, publisher of such hit comics as 30 Days of Night, Joss Whedon's Angel, Locke and Key, and Transformers; they also happen to be huge monster kids.

"Famous Monsters is partially responsible for my lifelong love of horror, so to be involved in helping the magazine relaunch itself into the dreams-or nightmares-of new generations of fans is amazingly gratifying to me," said Chris Ryall, IDW's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. "Phil's plans for the magazine are respectful to the brand's history and very forward-thinking at the same time, and I'm happy to be a part of it."

Check out more details about this development and my horror anthology recommendation after the jump.
IDW editor-in-chief, Michael Heisler, is enthusiastic about the relaunch of FM which will begin its run in the summer of 2010 and be released quarterly.

"FM was far and away my favorite magazine when I was a kid, and there has been nothing quite like it since," said Heisler. "Our goal is to update that magic for a modern audience, with coverage of current horror in all its forms, while continuing to pay tribute to the classic films that started it all. Personally, I'm thrilled to be taking this step down the road that Forry Ackerman and 'Chilly Billy' Cardille put me on so many years ago."

Heisler jokes about the release by saying, "We haven't set an exact date for release yet but we hear there's some kind of big event in the summer where over 150,000 people dress up in costumes and head to San Diego. Just a rumor, probably." Ok don't get me jealous about Comic-Con already!

It looks like we can expect more updates in the coming months on details about the covers, contributors, etc. You can visit the FM website to keep up with further developments.

If you want to get a feel for some of the other old horror mags while you wait for FM to come out, I highly recommend taking a look at Creepy. You can pick up a copy of the Creepy Archives, which gathers a collection of the 1964 anthology being issued by Dark Horse Comics. Uncle Creepy is your host for the journey and you'll notice issues illustrated by comic luminaries like Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, and Frank Frazetta among others. All of this is packaged in a delicious, oversized hardcover which can't be beat. You can purchase volume one here. Volume 4 just came out this July and you can expect the next hardcover February 24, 2010 (pre-order it here).
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