Best of the New Releases: Jennifer's Body, Carriers
I had it in for Jennifer's Body before it even came out. Megan Fox put an obvious target on its back, but what really had me steering clear of the flick was the film's initial Red Band trailer. The filmmakers (director Karyn Kusama, writer Diablo Cody, and producer Jason Reitman) attached a note to the release of said trailer stating that the studio didn't want to put out a red band but they knew it was what the horror fans wanted and blahblahblah. Short story shorter, the red band trailer had no nards and looked awkward to boot.

But you know what? I actually kind of dig Jennifer's Body. Not enough to make any kind of formidable stand against the legion of horror fans who think it's dreck, but I do think it is good enough to warrant a curious watch. It's probably the best marriage of role and performance Megan Fox will ever have, Amanda Seyfried is awesome as always, and its got a core female dynamic that's kind of rare in horror. Then again, it's kind of tame in the actual horror department (I doubt the extra four minutes of the unrated version add any teeth), which may make it a chore to suffer through for anyone who can't stand Cody's writing. Still weighs out to be worth a Netflix in my book, though.
No studio horror release of 2009 has gone through as much crap as Carriers, but all its labor pains are (mostly) out of the way now that you can walk into any decent DVD store and buy a copy of this slick little piece of the end of the world. It's been covered a bunch here on the Squad, so I won't do any more selling of it except to say that it ended up on two of our writers' Top 10 of '09 lists. Even though one of those lists was my own, however, I'm holding off on picking up this pandemic loving flick until it comes out on Blu-ray (and who knows when that'll be).

Best of the Catalog Releases: Um....

No catalog releases today, sorry.

Complete List of Horror DVD and Blu-rays for December 29th, 2009:
- Carriers
- Diagnosis: Death
- Evil Offspring
- Jennifer's Body (Blu-ray)
- Paranormal Activity (Blu-ray)
- A Perfect Getaway (Blu-ray...starts off okay but misses the mark about a third of the way through. Not recommended sober.)
- They Must Eat
- Vampire Killers (The Weinstein Company felt the title Lesbian Vampire Killers was too racy for US audiences, so they dropped the L word. Whatever it is called, however, it's still a subpar horror comedy that doesn't know whether it wants to be a sex romp or a genre spoof. It rarely triumphs either way.)
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