You may not get all the newspapers. It's possible you left the room or Tivo'ed right over that commercial with the big quotes and the little name who said them on that movie you may or may not have any interest in. Well, welcome to the new weekly feature that is going to get you all caught up on what is being said in Marketing Land. Are the trustworthy critics speaking out because they saw it early and had their embargo lifted? Or are the studios using their old stand-bys and junket junkies to spread the word because no one else will?

Youth In Revolt
" Sweet! Michael Cera gives his best performances yet! A tasty comic treat!" - Peter Travers
"The most outrageous and inspired comedy in years. The laughs keep coming until you're doubled over begging for more. Joyfully funny and subversively smart." - Shawn Edwards
"A can't miss comedy." - Caryn James, Marie Claire

- After over a year of delays and multiple release dates by the Weinstein Company, the adaptation of C.D. Payne's cult novel is finally hitting theaters. The film screened at the Toronto Film Festival back in September and has been receiving its fair share of positive reviews (check out our review here). (It is currently 90% at Rotten Tomatoes) That doesn't mean that Peter Travers will be left out to get an early start on beating a personal best 77 quotes from 2009. But couldn't they find someone, ANYONE, other than Shawn Edwards to praise their quite funny comedy? "The most outrageous and inspired comedy in years," Shawn? Didn't you say that Drillbit Taylor was "The freshest and funniest comedy in a long time" and that last year's guys-in-a-cheerleader-camp-romp, Fired Up, was "The funniest, craziest and zaniest teen movie ever?" So precisely where does Youth In Revolt rank in that scheme then?

Leap Year
"Delightfully funny." - Jim Ferguson
"Ridiculously romantic." - Argelia Atilano, Univision

- If you missed the TV ads that have generously sprinkled in footage of Amy Adams in her underwear from this PG-rated rom-com, you may have also missed the ones utilizing yearly quote magnet, Jim Ferguson. Over the past few years you may have seen him on such ads as the Eva Longoria ghost story, Over Her Dead Body, or The Love Guru, which needs no introduction to its supreme awfulness. Last year Jim kicked off things by recommending another rom-com, New In Town, talking up the chemistry by Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr., and then later saying that "McConaughey and Garner deliver" in Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past. Universal appears to have some confidence in this film, inviting critics in some markets to partake of it in early December, even before Nancy Meyers' It's Complicated, so maybe there's more to the film than some empty praise from Mr. Ferguson.

Wonderful World
"One of the most beautiful movie surprises of the season. A masterful, deeply human and emotive work featuring a stunning performance by Matthew Broderick." - Paul Fischer
"Matthew Broderick's best screen role in quite a while." - Frank Sheck, Hollywood Reporter

- This Matthew Broderick effort played both the Tribeca and Seattle festivals in 2009. It's also playing at the upcoming Oxford Film Festival. If you have On Demand you will have had a chance to catch this film, though that opportunity ends on Thursday so you can leave home and go to the theaters. Only two reviews at Rotten Tomatoes at the moment. Both negative. But the newspaper ads offer a counterpoint from Paul Fischer and The Hollywood Reporter.

Crazy On The Outside
"A refreshing comedy with an A-list cast! Tim Allen's directing debut is a great escape." - Jim McFarlin, Metro Times

- Tim Allen's directorial debut does boast an impressive cast list. Aside from him you get Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, the lovely Julie Bowen, J.K. Simmons, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Kelsey Grammer. Not too shabby. I doubt anyone looked at Mr. McFarlin's quote and suspected he was making some half-cocked comparison to one of the greatest adventure films of all time. He was just saying that it's a solid distraction from our mundane lives, right? Just another story about a guy trying to survive his crazy family after being released from prison. Oh wait. That's just another bad pun. If you didn't think it after the words "Tim Allen's directorial debut", you can say it now. God help us all.

Lionsgate's vampire thriller, Daybreakers, didn't boast any Sunday ads (in the NY & Chicago papers I receive) nor have there been any noticeable quotes on the commercials. That being said, it has an impressive 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes with 11 positive reviews (here, read ours) at the moment. (12 if you count my thoughts from the Toronto Film Festival this year.) And not just from the horror geeks. Here's hoping the film gets some well-earned respect and is praised in the ads by someone with more respectability than Shawn Edwards or Jim Ferguson.
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