In about a month, some football team will be playing some other football team at the Super Bowl. I'm not sure who will be on the field, nor do I much care since my team is already out. But I'll still be spending my February 7 at a Super Bowl party. I'll just be concentrating more on the seven layer dip and waiting for the game to be interrupted by the real entertainment, the Super Bowl commercials. And since I'm a movie lover, I'm especially looking forward to any new trailers that show up that evening.

Advertising Age has a rundown of which companies have bought Super Bowl spots this year, including three movie studios. One of these, Paramount, has revealed that it will be promoting Shutter Island, The Last Airbender and Iron Man 2 during the first and second quarters of the big game. The other two studios, Universal and Walt Disney, are being a bit more secretive, though Advertising Age shares its ideas of what trailers we'll likely see. Given the inclusion of Up in last year's mix, the one certainty is that we'll see an ad for Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3.

It's interesting to look at last year's spots, because some of the film's advertised, specifically Year One and Land of the Lost were big disappointments at the box office. Then, of course, there was the marketing travesty involving a 3D commercial for DreamWorks Animation's Monsters vs. Aliens. Besides misrepresenting the film in an antiquated type of 3D that doesn't do the movie or new technology justice, there were too many Super Bowl viewers who lacked 3D glasses, whether due to a shortage or complete unawareness of the necessary specs.

So it's not too surprising that DreamWorks Animation isn't listed as a Super Bowl advertiser this year, even though it has a more marketable 3D film this year in Shrek Forever After. Meanwhile, Disney also has the more highly anticipated 3D films Alice in Wonderland and the Toy Story sequel. Another studio I'm shocked to see absent is 20th Century Fox, whose summer tentpoles The A-Team and Predators seem perfectly suited for football fans.

Whereas two movies Advertising Age mentions as possible Super Bowl contenders are blockbusters I'm unsure will play well to the Super Bowl crowd. I look forward to the response to trailers for period action flicks Robin Hood and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, both of which so far look cheesier than that dip I'll be feasting on.

What movie trailers do you hope to see during Super Bowl XLIV?