The other day I started the Inglorious Basterds Blu-ray at a friends place and was greeted by an extra-hairy, gunslinging Paul Gross in a trailer for the upcoming Canadian comedy Gunless.* It's the story of -- get this -- a gunslinger who calls out a surly blacksmith (played by Tyler Mane, the new Michael Myers), only to find out that the town doesn't have one working pistol for the showdown. I laughed, put it on my mental movie to-do list, and carried on. But then I watched it again over at Quiet Earth (embedded after the jump), and found myself wondering: When will we get a Paul Gross v. Bruce Campbell showdown?

You know Gross ... right? No? He's the cutie T.J. Burke from Aspen Extreme. The red-clad mountie in Due South. Chris Cutter in Men with Brooms. The writer, director, and star of the 2008 WWI war movie Passchendaele. And if you missed all that, he just played the devil Darryl Van Horne in the short-lived Eastwick TV series. Yet while he's handled a pretty broad range of acting gigs, from serious theater to silly curling comedies, the man's best perk is his heavy comedy charisma.
Gross has got just that sort of irresistible and funny presence that's made Bruce Campbell a cult star. Together? I can't even fathom how wonderfully funny it would be. Pit them against each other, let them battle in delicious one-liners. Hell, even make them brothers, because they certainly have similar features. Gross can handle it, and Campbell is over-due for a great starring role.

We've got enough SciFi, romcoms, and jaw-dropping blockbusters. We need Gross and Campbell busting out some boomstick banter. Who's with me?

*Added perk: The cast includes Callum Keith Rennie, actor in just about every Canadian film, who also played Leoben Conoy in Battlestar Galactica.