Once again, these are not pitches from the trades, and as far as I know they have never been proposed to any producers, in Hollywood or elsewhere. The following pitch is merely an idea for a movie that I would like to see. If you agree or disagree, vote after the synopsis.

Queens Odyssey

Based on a September New York magazine article titled "Krishna Gone Missing,"Queens Odyssey tells the true story of a three-day journey made by 53-year-old Krishna Gurung around the NYC borough of Queens after taking a wrong turn home from a jog on a rainy Friday morning. The proud Nepalese woman, who speaks no English and wears a lot of expensive jewelry during her daily runs, proceeds to wander the urban jungle for 53 hours without a cellphone, map or familiarity with many parts of the city outside of a 20-block radius near her daughter's home in Woodside. Her odyssey takes her through most of western Queens (plus Roosevelt Island) in a sort of figure-8 pattern (see a map of her trek here). Meanwhile her family and friends search frantically for her, without sleep, thinking she's been mugged or worse. New York writer Michael Idov provides a lot of colorful details in his article that could easily be adapted to the screen. Krishna encounters a few characters along her way, such as a charitable waitress and a mysterious taxi driver who she believes to be a god. Through the weekend she also suffers hallucinations.

If made in Hollywood, Queens Odyssey would require some embellishment, some extra characters and events to make it an absurd comedy, one that shows how surreal, diverse and sprawling NYC is (think Quick Change, After Hours and The Warriors). As entertaining as that sounds, though, I'd actually prefer a quieter, more realistic adaptation. Specifically, I think filmmaker Ramin Bahrani would be the perfect person to direct Krishna's story, given that his beautiful New York City character studies Chop Shopand Man Push Cart kept coming to mind while I read the article.

Would you see this movie? Which version, Hollywood or indie? Vote below.

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