Remember when John Travolta did duets with women his own age, or older in the case of Olivia Newton-John? These days he's apparently only singing with little girls, like Miley Cyrus and now his 9-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu, who recently co-starred with her parents in Disney's Old Dogs. If you were scared by the actor's appearance in the new trailer for From Paris With Love, just check him doing his best attempt at Bobby Brown in the music video for "Every Little Step," which appears on the Old Dogs soundtrack.

Honestly, it's not that creepy compared to the video for his Boltsong with Cyrus ("I Thought I Lost You"), which should have kept Travolta hidden behind the cartoon dog rather than appearing alongside the teen pop star as if they were lovers. Fortunately in his version of "Every Little Step," Travolta has changed lyrics like "we were made to fall in love" to "you will always be the one" and comes off as more paternal than lecherous. It's no awkward father-daughter collaboration like "Cruisin'" in Duets or "Afternoon Delight" in Arrested Development. It's actually reminiscent of Will Smith's update of "Just the Two of Us," the video for which featured Smith singing to his son Trey. Similarly that song took a love song (originally by Bill Withers) and adapted for a father-son relationship. Still, the video can go a little too far with its under-crotch shots of Travolta and the way Ella Bleu looks at her father as she asks to come into his world. Also there are a lot of clips from Old Dogs, which may turn you off from the get go.

Watch the video below and tell us if you think it's creepy or completely innocent.

[via FilmDrunk]