Having just moved up the release date of Thor two weeks to open the summer movie season of 2011, Paramount Pictures has just lost their Fandral. The Associated Press is reporting that Stuart Townsend has left the production of Kenneth Branagh's Marvel adaptation, a day before shooting, over - wait for it - "creative differences." The ally of the Norse god (being played by Chris Hemsworth) will now be portrayed by Joshua Dallas, who will also be seen in the upcoming The Descent 2 and George Lucas' Tuskegee Airmen film, Red Tails, alongside Terrence Howard who dropped out of Iron Man 2. Oh, the circle of Hollywood life.

Townsend's name is famous for being replaced by Peter Jackson in the role of Aragorn for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Viggo Mortensen eventually took the role and has since gone on to great acclaim in roles in A History of Violence and an Oscar-nominated turn in Eastern Promises. Meanwhile, Townsend has followed in the footsteps of Tom Cruise taking on the role of the vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned and as Dorian Gray in another doomed literary adaptation, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The "creative differences" back in 2001 belonged more to Jackson, who recognized a bit too late that the fresh-faced Townsend didn't quite have the battle-worn look necessary for the inevitable King. More recently it was Ryan Gosling who walked out on Jackson three days before The Lovely Bones' principal photography. Whether you want to side with Team Jackson or Team Townsend, it's unfathomable that the actor would willingly quit another potential blockbuster. You are already known as LOTR's Stu Sutcliffe, so what part of the Warriors Three adventurer that Stan Lee based off the persona of Errol Flynn and often described as "romantic," "swashbuckler", and "brave" could you have possibly had differences in his creativity?

I suppose if I had Charlize Theron waiting for me I would want to get back home as soon as possible too. Such a loyal galpal is Ms. Theron that she would rather walk into the cold, barren nothingness of an apocalyptic landscape of The Road then spend anymore time than necessary with Mr. Viggo Mortensen.
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