Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles at the press day for the new film Extraordinary Measures, Cinematical spoke to Harrison Ford about his interest and participation in another Indiana Jones film. The iconic star sat down to talk about his latest film, in which he plays a cantankerous scientist, but generously indulged our curiosity when we inquired about the future not only of Dr. Henry Jones Jr., but some of the other folks he's played on screen over the course of his career.

Cinematical: After the release of Crystal Skull last year, people are more interested than ever in Indiana Jones. Did that experience rekindle your interest in exploring the character further, or is there something gratifying about just rewarding fans with further installments?
Harrison Ford: Well, there's a lot of pleasures in making an Indiana Jones movie, and one of them is working with George [Lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] again. One of them is making a movie that's one of the rare big-scale movies that are being done these days. I get a lot of opportunity for collaboration and openness from those films. I've always been interested in developing the character, and bringing more information about the character each time we've gone out. We've found ways of doing that by introducing Sean [Connery] as my father, Mutt as my son, bringing back Karen [Allen] – all of those things that work for me. So if we find another story to do and we develop the character a little further and I get a chance to do another one, I'd be happy as pie to do it.

Cinematical: Are there any other films or franchises you've been a part of that you would be interested in revisiting or exploring further as much as you seem to be with Indiana Jones?

Well, that's sort of a natural franchise. I think we ran out of Clancy material for the Ryan series when it was believable and time-appropriate, so when the last one came up, the one that Ben Affleck did, I just wasn't crazy about the material so I stepped away. But now they're going to do another one with Chris Pine, so they're reinvigorating and thinking of another way to bring the franchise back. But I don't think there's any other franchise films that I'd want to go back to.

Check out the rest of our one-on-one interview with Harrison Ford next week! Extraordinary Measures opens nationwide January 22, 2010.
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