With its laid-back vibe and free-flowing cocktails, the Golden Globes are known for surprises. These aren't the Oscars, after all, with the high-stakes and requisite seriousness. The Golden Globes are a party, and its attendees seem freer and more likely to do, well, God knows what. We've already compiled 22 of our most memorable Golden Globe moments -- now, here are a few video highlights:
Christine Lahti's Bathroom Break (1998)
When Christine Lahti's name is read as winner of Best Actress in a Drama (TV), the 'Chicago Hope' star is momentarily, er, indisposed.

Isaiah Washington's Anti-Gay Slur (2007)
During a backstage press conference with fellow 'Grey's Anatomy' winners, Isaiah Washington uses an anti-gay slur to refute accusations of ... using an anti-gay slur, against co-star T.R.Knight.

Issac Mizrahi Gropes Scarlett Johansson (2006)
Scarlett Johansson exclaims "What's going on!" when Isaac Mizrahi grabs her left breast during a red carpet interview.

Bette Midler Gropes Herself (1980)
When Bette Midler quotes Joan Crawford -- "I'll show you a pair of Golden Globes!" -- while cupping her own breasts, she forever associates the famous line with herself.

Jamie Foxx Tears It Up (2005)
Jamie Foxx's emotional Best Actor acceptance speech for 'Ray' brings down the house (and more than a few tears).

Brad Pitt Gives Us TMI (1996)
In his speech accepting the award for Best Supporting Actor (in '12 Monkeys'), Brad Pitt thanks "the makers of Kaopectate" for soothing his nervous stomach.

Whoopi Goldberg Track-Suits Up (1986)
For those who don't remember a pre-stylist Hollywood, here is an apt reminder: Whoopi Goldberg accepting her Best Drama Actress award for 'The Color Purple' in a bright yellow track suit.

Sacha Baron Cohen Also Gives Us TMI (2007)
True to form, in his hilarious acceptance speech for Best Actor, 'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen describes "the dark side of America" as "the anus and testicles of my co-star Ken Davitian."

Say Yes to Cher's Dress (1984)
When flustered fashionista Cher has trouble articulating an acceptance speech for her Best Supporting Actress award for 'Silkwood,' she begs the crowd to "Just look at my dress until I can think of something to say."

Ving Rhames Gives His Globe to Jack Lemmon (1998)
In a moment of tearful earnestness, Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TV winner Ving Rhames calls fellow nominee Jack Lemmon to the stage and gives him his award.

Hugh Laurie Thanks the Little People (2006)
In his acceptance speech for Best Actor, 'House' star Hugh Laurie wins points for originality for determining the people he'll thank by drawing three random names from his pocket: the script supervisor, the hairstylist, and his agent win personal mentions.