Currently I'm on vacation in Taiwan thanks to a free trip I won back in September of 2009, and I've been exploring the city since I arrived yesterday. Normally, the fact that everything opens around 11:00 AM would be a good thing, since there's nothing I love better than to sleep in while on vacation. Unfortunately, the time change between Taipei and my native Los Angeles is eight hours or so, which means I find myself wide awake around 6:00. What this means is that I had enough time today to investigate a local cinema down the street from my hotel, and I snapped some pictures of the advertisements and poster art for films already released – or set to be, at least – in the states.

Sadly, the coolest poster I saw, for True Legend, a new film directed by iconic action choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping that has yet to be released, didn't photograph well. But check out a collection of photos taken at local Taipei theaters of the posters and promotional art being used to promote new and upcoming films ...
This was the first one I saw, not altogether different from the American poster art:

Then, this horizontal ad led me into the theater:

Saw this as I passed the entrance:

This is one of the domestic one-sheets that isn't used as often, but it looks cooler with Chinese characters on it:

There appear to be about 400 different Parnassus posters, but this is the first I've seen of this one:

Curiously, the international (or maybe just Taiwanese) poster for Salt prefers Angelina Jolie as a disembodied head:

According to a number of websites, this is an international-only Iron Man 2 poster:

Apparently this is finally coming out - albeit not in the United States:

Just in case there was no uncertainty Carrey and Macgregor are playing a pair of lovers:

This international Avatar poster isn't better than the domestic, but I suppose it's good if you like Sam Worthington:

This was plastered all over the open-air market near Taipei's Ximen Station:

And another one showing a transformed Benicio Del Toro:

And finally, just because I Love You, Philip Morris didn't look gay enough (awesomely, the only word in English other than Bruno's name on the cover of this DVD box is "gay"):

Have you seen any odd, unusual or atypical poster or promotional art in your hometown or city? Send it our way and we'll put it up!
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