Everyone in a relationship has at one point joked about "The Freebie". Most of the time this revolves around a really hot, untouchable celebrity that, on the off chance they suddenly decide to stop off in Podunk Nowhere for the sole reason of sleeping with either yourself or your significant other, the relationship wouldn't be ruined because we're all allowed one "freebie". But what if we took a celebrity out of the equation and focused on a married couple who, after seven years together, have found that their sex life has been flushed down the toilet? And what if this married couple decided that the best way to reinvigorate their sex life would be to allow each other one "freebie" with a total stranger?

Directed by and co-starring Katie Aselton, The Freebie looks to explore exactly that: whether or not certain boundaries should be crossed in order to hopefully better a relationship. Aselton, who's part of the Duplass Brothers clan (she has roles in The Puffy Chair and Cyrus, and co-produced Puffy Chair and the famed Duplass short film, The Intervention), will make her directorial debut at this year's festival in the NEXT section, which, as we've told you before, features 8 films that were all made for little to no money. Starring alongside Aselton in The Freebie is Dax Shepard (who should be familiar to most of you) and, in a smaller role, Joshua Leonard, who co-starred opposite Mark Duplass in last year's Sundance hit Humpday. Oh, and Katie is married in real life to Mark Duplass ... who stars opposite her on FX's The League. See, it all comes full circle eventually.

Aselton was kind enough to carve out some time to answer a few brief questions from Cinematical prior to her film's premiere at Sundance. Check them out below ...

Cinematical: Give us the "dude on the street" description of your film.

Katie Aselton: It is this: "Hey dude, The Freebie is a movie about a couple that's still in love, but they've lost that 'spark'. They try to find it again by taking one night with someone else, no questions asked. Pretty f'd up, right?"

Cinematical: Everyone always talks about "the freebie", but what made you want to make it the central focus of a film?

Katie Aselton: The fact that no one had done it yet was a major factor. And i liked the idea of examining this couple that is trying to fix something that's not all that broken. They come to the decision to do it out of love and wanting to keep their marriage strong...

Cinematical: What's your one film festival rule?

Kate Aselton: Have fun. Try to avoid a raging hangover. (that's two, but the second one is really an asterisk to the first.)

Check out Sundance's "Meet the Artists" video with Katie Aselton.

And because it's somewhat related to this (not to mention hilariously awesome), here's the Duplass Bros. short film, The Intervention ... [Warning: Foul language]

The Intervention

For more on The Freebie, including screening times and ticket availability, check out the film's page on the official Sundance website.