I can understand people who love a movie so hard that they'd like to imagine themselves as their favorite character. But in our age of rampant plastic surgery and self-image issues, is it going too far to literally try to transform yourself into someone else? (What if that someone else is a cartoon character?) One British woman did just that, spending thousands of dollars to "become" Jessica Rabbit, admittedly the hottest woman ever drawn in animated film. And you thought the Cat Lady was weird. (Well, she is.)

How did the 56-year-old Annette Edwards (who, incidentally, breeds giant three-foot long bunnies who "behave like dogs") turn herself into the sultry femme fatale of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Botox, cheek implants, a brow lift, a chin implant, breast uplifts, and "pure diet." She claims she's only "Jessica" for special occasions, like photo shoots and, apparently, going on British morning talk shows like the one in this clip, where the male and female co-hosts are only partially masking their "WTF?" reaction. Unbelievable moment of the clip: The male host asks "Jessica" if he can touch her chin implant (2:06).

It's clear that Ms. Edwards just loves her some rabbits, and feels empowered in donning this alter ego. (It probably boosts her breeding business, too.) She doesn't seem to care that other people think she's wacky. So is it really so crazy? At least she does it out of love. But it begs so many questions: Is it worth spending enormous amounts of money to change yourself into someone else, if it makes you feel good? (This question also applies to the folks who play MMORPG games and Second Life to escape the real world.) Does it send a misguided message to mature women who just want to feel sexy, or is it just as harmless as dressing up as a fictional character at a comics convention?

Personally, if I were to transform myself into a favorite movie character, I'd skip the plastic surgery, get some tattoos, and invest in ninja lessons to become Reiko Ike from Sex & Fury. But that's just me. What fictional character would you become, even if only in your imagination?

(via Brand X)
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