Writer Marti Noxon and producer Mike De Luca are currently working on the remake of Tom Holland's 1985 film Fright Night, which may start filming this year for Dreamworks. The first draft of Noxon's script will be arriving to the studio in a few weeks and De Luca, the former production bigwig at New Line Cinema, revealed a few more details about the project that may have Fright Night fans fussed.

In an exclusive interview with Collider, De Luca compares the scale and scope of the film to the 2007 lackluster Disturbia--a weak imitation of Hitchcock's Rear Window, starring Shia LaBeouf. Immediately upon hearing this I lost interest but perhaps there's a sliver of hope? De Luca is no stranger to horror, having currently worked on Priest as well as Freddy's Dead, NOES's Dream Child and Blade II to name a few. He tackled the subject of remakes stating:

"I get it that remakes are a drag to hear about. I'm on the Internet all the time. I know what they say. Like there's no original ideas in Hollywood. I understand the responsibility on the remake front of things because there are fans...you have responsibility I think to the fans of the original and you also have the responsibility to not suck even more than something original because you have so many people expecting you to suck because of the predisposed bias against remakes and stuff."

Ok, he has a clue. But the important question is what kind of vamps will these be? There was a cheesy, romantic element to the story involving the seductive and charming vampire Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon). Will De Luca continue down that path or take the story somewhere entirely different? "...With 'Fright Night', with all the romantic vampire stuff going on with 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'True Blood' and 'Twilight', the most obvious,...it would be interesting if, in this atmosphere of the way the vampire is being portrayed right now as a romantic object, under the wire of all that in the culture the real thing moves in next door. And the real thing is a killer. Just a predator. It's the shark from Jaws. On the outside it's a seductive package and it looks like a human being, but it's just about ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. And introducing that kind of vampire into the current environment."

I'll be disappointed if the humorous elements to the film are stripped away entirely but De Luca says explains:

"I think we're going to have appropriate dark humor and sardonic humor and sarcastic humor and erotic humor, but not tongue-in-cheek or cheesy humor but really go for some scares and some depths of character in terms of what these teenagers are going through in their lives before the vampire kind of comes in and starts taking pieces out of everybody's lives."

He talks about playing into a "dark fairy tale quality" to the "predatory older man on younger female and male characters" which sounds like it could be interesting but is certainly a far cry from Evil Ed Thompson and company. De Luca also confirms that the film is "not particularly star dependant" so whoever takes the lead on this one will greatly determine the outcome. No director has been announced at this time.

Fright Night fans are pretty diehard (myself included!), so what do you think of this new development? Is the playful homage to late night B-Horror and monster mayhem gone? Will we lose the coming of age, sex-comedy aspect entirely with this new spin?
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