How do you take revenge on a little low-budget horror film that surprisingly beat your own big-deal horror franchise entry at the box office? You sign on to direct the sequel to that sleeper hit, obviously. This almost seems to be what editor-turned-director Kevin Greutert is doing, as The Hollywood Reporter has announced he's Paramount's choice to helm Paranormal Activity 2. Greutert has long been a part of the Saw franchise, serving as editor on parts one through five and director of last fall's Saw VI, which disappointingly debuted at #2 on the box office charts behind the first Paranormal Activity. Somewhat ironically he has been hired for a movie set to compete with the next Saw this October.

Some fans of the minimal scares of Paranormal Activity might see Greutert's move as being pro-Saw since he'll presumably soil the Paranormal Activity name with a sequel expected to be as cash-grab-crappy as Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Yet Paranormal Activity 2, which will have a different title -- or at least a subtitle -- upon release, does have some potential to be better than that misguided sequel. Paramount will reportedly keep the budget low, as part of its micro-budget initiative, and original Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli will be overseeing production on the follow-up with promise that fans won't be disappointed.
The script for Paranormal Activity 2 will be written by TV veteran Michael R. Perry, who has been a producer and writer on creepy fare like Millennium, The Dead Zone, FreakyLinks and, initially, Eerie, Indiana (which many of you unfortunately never watched when it was on in the early '90s). He also wrote one of last year's hot 'Black List'-honored scripts, a dark comedy titled The Voices, which Entertainment Weekly describes as a cross between Babe and American Psycho (!!). Producing with Peli, who is busy on his next directorial effort, Area 51, is Jason Blum, who is partially responsible for this week's dreadful new release, The Tooth Fairy.

I really can't imagine what direction this Paranormal Activity sequel will go in, I'm skeptical of Peli's claim that "these guys get it" and I highly doubt it will be as suspenseful or as scary as the original, but so far it doesn't seem to be in the running for worst horror sequel. To be honest, I don't actually believe my above speculation that Greutert has come aboard the film as a saboteur. It's more likely he's looking to get back at Lionsgate and the Saw franchise for dropping him after his directorial debut. And that could mean he'll work extra hard on making this film really great in order to beat Saw VII (which will have the advantage of 3D surcharges) at the box office when the two films open October 22.

Looks like Paranormal Activity will be the new Halloween franchise to beat.
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