Caution pic courtesy of SundanceWithMe.

It's the first full day of Sundance Twenty Ten, and it's been pretty crazy in Park City with more snow, more bus problems and other expected heavy traffic situations. But from what I can tell from the Sundance Tweeters, the buses are the place to be for hearing the buzz. Maybe during Sundance, the public transportation's shuttles should be called "buzzes"? Okay, sorry, here's your daily roundup of what's been going on:

Celeb Sightings: Twilight fans are likely wishing they were in Park City right now, because Kristen Stewart, who has two films at the fest, was spotted arriving in Utah on a private jet (or should we say jett?), and immediately smoking a cigarette. A lot of people have been seeing Howl star James Franco and Get Low's Bill Murray around town, as well, while ex-Cinematical writer James Rocchi spotted Jon Hamm and snapped a pic.

Our Coverage: Today the Cinematical team was busy mainly watching movies during the first full day of the fest. So expect reviews this weekend of Hesher, Douchebag, Enter the Void, Frozen and anything else our crew were able to get to in spite of the weather. Some of last night's kick-offs, as well as those films screened early this morning were reviewed on the site, however, including Spike Jonze's short I'm Here, which Erik Davis called the director's most personal film to date, and the young John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy, which Erik Childress didn't favor much.
From our I'm Here review: "I'm sure many will ask Jonze whether he plans to revisit this universe at some point down the line, and I'm pretty sure he won't, but once this finds its way online (here's hoping iTunes does some sort of distribution with it), you genre geeks are going to have a field day dissecting this new world."

From our Nowhere Boy review: "A barren soap opera of a film that puts more emphasis on his mood swings than what made his music so great ... Nowhere Boy could have been about any ol' Bloke named John with mommy issues and a need to emulate Elvis."

Deals: After yesterday's quick acquisition of Waiting for Superman, it's been pretty slow deal-wise. However, last year's documentary winner, the amazing We Live in Public, has finally been picked up by IndiePix for a March 2 DVD release.

indieWIRE Love: At-home blogger Anthony Kaufman "plunked down" $3.99 to watch Bass Ackwards on YouTube, one of three Sundance 2010 films simultaneously for rent on the site, and argues why it would have been better viewed in a theater. Rookie director Eyad Zahra talks about his Muslim punk film, The Taqwacores, which I'm especially intrigued about, in one of the site's filmmaker profiles.

Tweets, Blogs and Treats: The guys at Movieline will be taking a look at the competitive art of poster-plastering Park City through the fest to see which films are winning the buzz-building war, in paper form at least. Somewhat related, Vulture shares a billboard as evidence that Bansky is "vandalizing everything in sight." Vadim Rizov warns us over at IFC's Indie Eye that we may soon lose three of our generation's greatest actors, all of them at Sundance. Vince Mancini of FilmDrunk continues his hilarious coverage of Sundance from the perspective of a blogger who couldn't get credentials.

The buzz Tweet of the day comes from The Hollywood Reporter: "Looks like #Sundance may have its first hit film with happythankyoumoreplease. Don't let the title put you off." (that's Josh Radnor's happythankyoumoreplease, which apparently received a standing ovation this afternoon.)

The best "overheard at Sundance" Tweet I've seen all day comes from Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience: '"we left right after she died." [mumble] "Oh... she didn't die? But she took all those pills!"'

The best fake celebrity sighting Tweet comes from John Lichman of Current_Movies: "there is a man in the press lounge who looks just like michael haneke. and now, he's eating a bagel with an abiding sadness."

Collider got their hands on two talky clips from Philip Seymour Hoffman's much-anticipated directorial debut, Jack Goes Boating, which premieres tomorrow night. Check 'em out below: