Celeb Sightings: Entertainment Weekly has been snapping pics of many Sundance stars, from Malin Akerman, Josh Radnor, and Kate Mara of happythankyoumoreplease to a beautifully pregnant Amanda Peet (looking much less funny mirror from this pic), to a warm-footed Crispin Glover. Meanwhile, NY Mag evokes art design from my middle school yearbook for their Party Lines slide show at the Howl party; Zimbio shares a bunch of shots of Oliver Platt, Mario Lopez, and more famous Sundancing filmgoers; and IMDb offers their share their snaps of opening night parties and photoshoots.

Our Coverage: Erik Davis reviewed The Company Men, stating: "Essentially a horror film for the white-collar workers over 50," the film's "familiar cast and quick script make it so this flick just barely slips by without a pink slip." Stay tuned for Eric Snider's Frozen review at 12:01 Sunday morning, plus the low-down on Armless, Enter the Void, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and happythankyoumoreplease soon.
Deals: No more deals yet, but stay tuned! We hope... Buyers are trying to stay, as THR describes, "cautiously optimistic."

indieWIRE Love: Over at indieWIRE, they're continuing their ultra-handy criticWIRE, which determines a grade based on a number of reviews. The lowest grade goes to Enter the Void, with a perky D-, and Bass Ackwards with a slightly better D+. And on the A side of things: His and Hers, Bran Nue Dae, Catfish, Daddy Longlegs, I Am Love, Lourdes, A Prophet, Women Without Men, and Double Take. They also share a look at Laura Poitras talking about The Oath, and Nicole Holofcener's thoughts on her latest film, Please Give.

Tweets, Blogs and Treats: Movieline grabbed Sarah Polley to play "My Favorite Scene," and hers is in The Thin Red Line, while /Film talked to Brina Pope (a visual effects artist for Phantom Menace), and a protester outside the press tent.

Ben Affleck questioned the state of indie film, but his questions didn't get very far.

And Kristen Stewart, who is a big presence at the fest this year, talks to MTV about Welcome to the Rileys, but maybe we should just ignore it all as -- ouch -- THR's Twitter feed states: "Kristen Stewart's compelling in Welcome to the Rileys in #Sundance but the film is a massive cliche about whores and their male saviors." ...'cuz that's what we need more of. I'm not sure even Joan Jett can balance that out.

And last, but not least, Twitch found a trailer for the science fiction short Pumzi, which you can see below: