Now that the rock biopic The Runaways is a hit at Sundance (see our review here), and since it will probably also be a success in theaters thanks to Twilight star Kristen Stewart's involvement, it's time to think about a sequel. Wait, to a biopic? Yes, to a biopic. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I hear it ends just as all the girls went their separate ways -- Joan Jett (Stewart) beginning a solo career, Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) going off to be in the movies, etc. -- so why not keep following the lives of these characters?

However, I also hear that Michael Shannon, as producer Kim Fowley, is the best thing about The Runaways, and therefore instead of making a movie like Bad Reputation: The Joan Jett Solo Story or Cherie in Hollywood: The Making of Foxes, I propose that the makers of the first film continue Fowley's adventures in...

The Runaways 2

Alternate titles may include The Runaways Too, The Runaways Down Under or Young and Fast. The last of these is the title of a Runaways album that Fowley produced with a completely new roundup of girls he found in Australia and New Zealand in the mid-80s. Sometimes the recording is credited to "The New Runaways," especially since the original band members sued Fowley in the 1990s over ownership of the name.
Admittedly, nearly all I know of this second incarnation of The Runaways is what is mentioned in a single paragraph on Fowley's Wikipedia entry, but there must be some sort of story there. There's also some minor info on the webpage of guitarist Bill Millay, who claims there was kind of a bridging of the bands in the form of (one of the) real Runaways bassist Laurie McAllister. Not that it would matter since the first Runaways film employs one fictional bassist (played by Alia Shawkat) rather than mentioning any of the five actual musicians who filled that position.

Millay, who was at one time married to the New Runaways' singer Gayle Welch, does hint at there being "intrigue and treachery" involved in the recording of both "Young and Fast" and a rarer later album titled "I Was a Teenage Runaway," which does feature McAllister. Sounds like there must be some kind of story there. Unfortunately, without there being a character who went on to great solo fame, as Jett did, there may not be much interest, even with Shannon continuing his acclaimed role.

Still, can you look at the photos on Kim Fowley's webpage and honestly tell me you don't want to know more about this guy, who to this day continues to paint his face like a glam rocker?
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