Just a week ago, we heard longtime Saw franchise collaborator Kevin Greutert was abandoning ship in order to helm Paranormal Activity 2. And we were somewhat excited about the coup, because original Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli said the sequel was in good hands. But now get this: according to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, Greutert has been wooed forced back by Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to make Saw VII 3D. Just two weeks before shooting begins!

You may be wondering what's become of David Hacki, who had been attached to the seventh installment. Finke implies he was shoved out by the Greutert hire and will be given another film by the studio quickly as a consolation. Clearly Lionsgate just wanted to get Greutert back to hurt production on PA2, which is its direct competition for the Halloween horror box office this October. After the first PA kicked the Saw series' ass this past fall, there's no doubt that this means war.
Greutert was an editor on Saw one through five before making his feature directorial debut on Saw VI, which was the lowest-grossing installment yet, taking in barely half of the next worst performer (the original film, which many fans had discovered on video). In that regard, it's strange that Twisted and Lionsgate would trust Greutert with another film, especially one they hope will bring the franchise back to being Halloween champ.

And with Saw VII being shot for 3D, is Greutert really going to deliver? Does he have experience in the format or will he be doing some serious homework and practicing like crazy over the next few days? Not that Lionsgate likely cares, so long as they can advertise that the film is in 3D and exploit the current craze. Like they did with the awful-looking My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Well, I'm on team Paranormal Activity, and I can't wait to see how Paramount responds to this spiteful switcheroo. My advice to them: go overboard and get a relatively big name to direct. Like M. Night Shyamalan. Or a relatively talented name, like Alejandro Amenabar. Heck, get Tobe Hooper in order to sell PA2 as being from the director of Poltergeist. There has to be someone in Hollywood who's available for use as a trump card on such short notice.
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