Smells like nerd comedian-musician-parodist extraordinaire "Weird Al" Yankovic will be diving into his first feature-length directing gig for the Cartoon Network, where he's already established himself as an animated presence on shows like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Brak Show, and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job. Yankovic broke the news earlier today on his own blog, where he preempted the inevitable media queries about his unnamed project by interviewing himself.
"Have you already written the script?

Yes -- in fact, I'm about to start the third draft. It needs to be fine-tuned a bit more and it hasn't been officially green-lit yet, but it's gotten some very positive buzz at the network.

Is is going to be a sequel to UHF?

Sorry, no.

Is it going to be a documentary about Winston Churchill?

Again, no.

Is it going to be funny?

Well, that's the intention."

More after the jump. While this will be his feature-length directorial debut, Yankovic has been directing his own music videos for years (including "Amish Paradise," "Bedrock Anthem," "Christmas at Ground Zero," and "White & Nerdy"). In 2009 he also made the $2.5 million, 3-D CG short film Al's Brain: A 3-D Journey Through The Human Brain, an attraction commissioned by the Orange County Fair. (Watch a promo for it here.) According to Yankovic, the feature film is only the first in a series of intended projects he's developing for Cartoon Network and will begin production this fall at the earliest.

Personally, I prefer Weird Al's live-action projects to his attempts at CG; he even almost made this Hanson music video bearable. (I said almost.) And though the Cartoon Network project prompts so many more questions (A live-action film on the Cartoon Network? A Weird Al project where Weird Al isn't the star?), I'm fully behind a network's decision to give someone like Yankovic free creative reign to unleash whatever he wants on the world. Anyone else excited?

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