So have you heard about this movie Avatar? I hear it's doing pretty well. So well in fact that it now holds the title of second highest grossing domestic film of all time, having passed The Dark Knight this weekend. Legion and The Tooth Fairy did OK business but Extraordinary Measures opened in 8th with a mere $6 million. Here's the top five:

1. Avatar: $34.9 million
2. Legion: $17.5 million
3. The Book of Eli: $15.7 million
4. The Tooth Fairy: $14 million
5. The Lovely Bones: $8.4 million

Two new releases this week. One brooding thriller and one light romantic comedy.

Edge of Darkness
What's It All About: Mel Gibson stars in this thriller based on a BBC mini-series playing a police detective investigating the death of his political activist daughter.
Why It Might Do Well: Director Martin Campbell also helmed a pretty successful little flick called Casino Royale, as well as the original TV version of Edge of Darkness.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Mel's image has tarnished badly in recent years. Might that effect sales? We shall see.
Number of Theaters: 3,000
Prediction: $24 million

When in Rome

What's It All About: Kristen Bell plays an American vacationing in Rome who plucks several coins from a love fountain and soon finds herself pursued by an equal number of colorful suitors.
Why It Might Do Well: Bell was a delight in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Veronica Mars.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Sadly the trailer gives the impression of a dopey romantic comedy.
Number of Theaters: 2,200
Prediction: $12 million What do you think. Another week for Avatar at the top? Why not? Here's my prediction:
1. Avatar
2. Edge of Darkness
3. When in Rome
4. The Book of Eli
5. Legion

None of us got it completely right but bob's prediction bested us all. Way to go, bob. Here's how we all did:
1. bob: 13
2. Matt: 12
3. greatone: 10
3. Ryan: 10
3. English Gavz: 10
4. WJDR: 8
4. jessejames: 8
5. Brandon: 7
5. Smiggy: 7
5. Vera: 7
5. Sebastian: 7

Post your predictions for the top five movies in the comments section below before 5:00PM Eastern Time on Friday. One point for every top five movie correctly named, two points for every correct placement, and one extra point for the top movie.