Best of the New Releases: Saw VI
I should pick Inalienable as the best new release of the week for its kick-ass cover, but I haven't actually seen it. I have seen Saw VI, however, and can attest that it is one of the best entries in the franchise. From my original review, "If Dunstan and Melton are allowed to keep the script as restrained as they've now proven they can, I think SAW VI is going to mark a very welcome turning point for the series. At the very least, it no longer has me dreading the idea of going back to this well 2 or 3 more times."
Best of the Catalog Releases: The Toolbox Murders on Blu-ray
I haven't actually seen Dennis Donnelly's 1978 flick The Toolbox Murders. I'm not entirely sure why, either, as I've come across the film a number of times in the last few years. I suppose it has something to do with me being one of the few people who thought Tobe Hooper's straight-to-video 2003 remake was dreadful. But now that the film is getting a spiffy Blu-ray release, I might have to get over my lazy ways and give it a go.

Complete List of Horror Movie DVDs and Blu-rays for January 26th:

- 8 Million Dollars
- Bad Biology (Frank Henenlotter's newest film)
- Blade of the Ripper
- Doctor Death
- The Double Born (love the title)
- Inalienable
- Saw VI (Available on Blu-ray)
- The Toolbox Murders (Blu-ray)
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