The big winners include Winter's Bone (Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic), Restrepo (Grand Jury Prize, Documentary), Animal Kingdom (World Cinema Jury Prize, Dramatic) and The Red Chapel (World Cinema Jury Prize, Documentary), with audience awards going to happythankyoumoreplease and Waiting for Superman. Check out the full list of winners here.

Celebrity Sightings: Most of the celebs have left town by now, so let's check out a few leftovers: People has a rundown of where celebs were seen eating in Park City. The main course in the article looks at an East-meets-West feast with Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo and Juliette Lewis of Sympathy for Delicious. As for photos from the awards, the LA Times has a photo of host David Hyde Pierce (with festival director John Cooper) during his rap performance, in case you missed it live (hopefully it ends up on YouTube).

Deals: In line with their penchant for controversial films, IFC has picked up Michael Winterbottom's polarizing crime drama The Killer Inside Me for a reported $1-1.5 million. They're looking at a late summer/early fall release. Now the world (well, U.S. moviegoers) can experience the same disgust as the audience member who shamed Sundance for showing the film. Later in the day, Roadside Attractions bought Debra Granik's Winter's Bone for low six-figures with plans to release the film this summer. Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey has bought the documentary A Family Affair to air on her new network and Aamir Khan tells Anne Thompson that he'd like to distribute Peepli Live himself.

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Our Coverage: Kevin has new video interview with Splice director Vincenzo Natali. However, we took a break from posting reviews today. That doesn't mean we're done. Stay tuned for reviews of The Kids Are All Right, Animal Kingdom, The Freebie, The Shock Doctrine, Abel, Winter's Bone and more over the next few days.

indieWIRE Love:
Eugene Hernandez has said he'll start blogging now that the fest is over. First up, some video interviews with Sundance winners Debra Granik and Sebastian Junger. Anne Thompson also has new video interviews with Cane Toads director Mark Lewis and Abel director Diego Luna at her "AnneCam" site. Bryce Renninger takes a look at the Catfish controversy (also see below).

Tweets, Blogs and Treats: Sad news comes from AJ Schnack at All These Wonderful Things: last year's Sundance Editing Award winner and regular Errol Morris collaborator Karen Schmeer was killed in a terrible car accident. She was an amazing talent and will be missed.

Nikki Finke reports
that fans of Kristen Stewarthave been emailing Sundance buyers urging them to pick up the actress' film Welcome to the Rileys.

At TheWrap, Eric Kohn has an interview with the makers of Catfish about the documentary's alleged falsehood. "We could totally prove this stuff, 100 percent," says co-director Henry Joost.

Joel Schumacher's Twelve may be the worst film of the fest, according to indieWIRE's critics poll, but E! tries to hype its cast is the new Brat Pack.

Movieline has its own Sundance awards, the "Sundancies," and winner of this year's Comeback Award is:
"Malin Akerman, happythankyoumoreplease
After being miscast in Watchmen and wasted in Couples Retreat, Akerman actually shines in happythankyoumoreplease as an alopecia-afflicted party girl. Who knew?"

Tweets from the awards ceremony and party:

indieWIRE: "Fest director John Cooper rapping on stage w/ David Hyde Pierce. Hard to imagine Geoff Gilmore doing the same. Times have changed."

Anne Thompson: "Women directors did well this year: not only grand jury prize dramatic winner Debra Granik but Lisa Cholodenko, Nicole Holofcener as well."

Karina Longworth: "A Red Chapel victory is a victory for all us all! Now who's buying?"

Katey Rich of
Cinema Blend: "Sundance closing night party = geek prom. Even the celebrities don't balance out the awkward filmmakers."