Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas returns as Gordon Gekko, the role he originated in 1987's Wall Street and Oliver Stone is once again at the helm. Gekko has been cooling his heels behind bars all these years but now he's out and presumably looking to bask in capitalism once again. The "getting your personal effects back after years in the slammer" bit is sort of a cliche, but there's a cute twist on it here. We'll see if this lives up to the original on April 23.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
A Swedish film in which an investigative journalist and a hacker (the lady with the ink) join forces to solve a forty year old murder. Looks like there's already a U.S. remake in the works, though my money is on the original. Watch for this one on March 19.

Bass Ackwards
A particularly indie looking indie film about a man who embarks upon a cross-country road trip in a VW bus after ending a disastrous affair with a married woman. I have nothing against road trip movies but I don't see anything particularly special about this one. This just premiered at Sundance and will be in theaters sometime in 2010.

Toe to Toe
Two teenage girls at a Washington, D.C. prep school, one a privileged and promiscuous caucasian, the other an African American from a rough neighborhood who seeks a better life, find themselves at odds with each other both on and off the lacrosse field. The story is partially inspired by a study that says interracial friendships often end at age 14. No release info yet.

This South Korean thriller is from Joon-ho Bong who directed 2006's The Host which has me itching to see this one. A socially stunted young man is arrested for a girl's murder. His lawyer is incompetent so his mother must find the real killer. No U.S. release date yet.

New this week on AOL Moviefone:

  • Warlords - Historical action drama set during the Taiping Rebellion of the 1860s tells the tale of three men who swear allegiance and brotherhood to one another after their shared experiences in combat.
  • From Paris With Love - Second trailer for this spy actioner starring John Travolta.
  • Furry Vengeance - Family comedy in which forest animals conspire to prevent their home from being paved over and turned into a shopping mall.
  • The Red Riding Trilogy - Third trailer for this set of three films based on the investigation into the real life Yorkshire Ripper. You can also see trailers number 2 and 4.
  • The Crazies - Third trailer for this remake of the George Romero film about chemically induced mass homicide.
  • Letters to God - Based on a true story, a young boy stricken with cancer writes a series of letters to God.