In case you hadn't noticed, if you're a regular reader of my Pitch of the Day posts, they're somewhat an excuse to highlight an interesting news story that otherwise has little to do with movies. Would I really like to see some of them adapted to film? Of course, but some of them wouldn't easily be translated to the big screen. For example, today's pitch, which is inspired by a simple AP report about a woman who saved a man's life from hundreds of miles away, via her computer, might not be the most cinematic, but regardless I'd like to present the story of the...

Webcam Hero

The simple plot, or impetus of plot, involves a woman in Southern Germany who was watching a tourism website's webcam, positioned on a beach in Northern Germany, when she spotted a man drowning in the frozen North Sea. Without having to get up from her seat, let alone leave her home, she called the police, who rescued the man, and now she's a hero. Great story, but what can you do with it from there? Make up a relationship, cyber or physical, that develops between the two characters? That sounds like a film that goes downhill after its intriguing beginning.
But I can't stop thinking of the narrative possibilities that might come out of this anti-1984, positive twist on the idea of omnipresent surveillance cameras. I also like thinking of a back story for this woman that led up to this moment. Maybe she's like the internet version of Clint Eastwood's character in In the Line of Fire (it's like In the Line of Fire mixed with You've Got Mail!). Maybe she was unable to save someone in the past and has been obsessively watching shore-monitoring webcams in order that the may redeem her mistake. Was she wheelchair-bound and that's why she couldn't help her JFK equivalent? Whatever the story, the cyber heroism would make a better climax than catalyst.
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