Best of the New Releases:
Triangle, The House of the Devil, Zombieland
Okay, so the first Tuesday of February pretty much makes up for every Tuesday in January. First up we have Triangle, the mindbender from Christopher Smith that finds Melissa George attempting to unravel a couple mysteries aboard an ocean liner. I'll be writing a full review of it later in the week, but in short I think this is a twisted little movie that can be enjoyed on a single viewing but may take multiples to fully absorb. Smith is now 3-0 as far as I'm concerned.

Next up is The House of the Devil. It's been mentioned quite a lot here at Horror Squad, so there's really no need to sell you on the quality of the movie at this point. You can pick up Ti West's outstanding Satanic Panic throwback on Blu-ray, DVD, and even VHS.
And though it's not a straight horror movie, who among us can resist the charms of Zombieland? I was floored at how pitch perfect this zombiepocalypse romp was back when it premiered at Fantastic Fest. I believe I turned to fellow HS writer Brad McHargue and said, "That movie is going to make so much money." And didn't. I'm not entirely sure why, either.

A few weeks after that I was visiting family in Virginia and decided to meet up with some old friends for a Zombieland showing. I was expecting the raucous, uniform laughter that it generated only a week or two prior, but instead my friends and I were the only ones who seemed to be enjoying ourselves. I don't know if it was just an atypically stuffy audience that shared the theater or what, but I was legitimately bummed by the lukewarm reaction it got. Hopefully it finds a bigger, more receptive crowd on DVD/Blu-ray.

Best of the Catalog Releases:
The Wolf Man
Universal has cracked open their vault to put out another one of their Universal Legacy Series discs for the classic The Wolf Man starring Lon Chaney Jr. This special edition has been waiting in the wings for a while now, getting bumped every time
Joe Johnston's Wolfman remake slid back off the schedule, but now that we're only a little over a week away from seeing Benecio del Toro's take on the beast, they've finally put it out.

Complete List of Horror Movie DVD and Blu-rays for February 2nd:
- The House of the Devil
- She-Wolf of London: Complete Series
- Spiral (Adam Green's sophomore film hits Blu-ray)
- Triangle (available on Blu-ray)
- The Wolf Man
- Zombieland (available on Blu-ray)
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