"It's only a matter of time before the 2010s do for blogging what the 1930s did for newspapers." That's what I wrote yesterday in a Pitch of the Day post, and I didn't realize how immediately prophetic it was. Only hours later The Hollywood Reporter announced a new HBO series in the works centered on a character who is ... a blogger. Specifically the show, titled Tilda, will be about a "no-holds-barred" entertainment journalist who works online. And she's female, so she's being compared to real-life Hollywood bloggers Nikki Finke, Sharon Waxman and Anne Thompson.

Given the clear Finke connection, I just had to use her signature "TOLDJA!" in the headline, but in all honesty I had no idea anything like this was on the way, nor did I truly want it to be. It might be interesting, though, given that I can't imagine it resembling my own bloggery life at all. Coming from wrier/director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls; Gods and Monsters -- which would be a fitting title for a show about bloggers, IMHO) and writer/producer Cynthia Mort (The Brave One; HBO series Tell Me You Love Me), I expect something a little more glamorous than is the reality for most entertainment bloggers.
Meanwhile, the Fortean blog Musem of SuperNatural History(aka Musunahi.com) has been optioned for some kind of film project at DreamWorks. The studio is currently talking to writers about adapting Ernest Lupinacci's site into an action-adventure narrative, which would focus on a curator of a "covert organization" that acts as a supernatural museum rather than a blogger on a site that acts as a supernatural museum. This basic idea sounds like a cross between The X-Files, Men in Blackand Night at the Museum and would surely involve such oft-filmed subject matter as Bigfoot, UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Along with Ernest Lupinacci, who will be an executive producer, Museum of SuperNatural History will be appropriately shepherded by Men in Black producers Walter Parkes and Laurie Macdonald, who hopefully won't confuse this project with their recently announced Eat, Sleep and Poop adaptation.
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