It wasn't a huge hit. It didn't receive good reviews. And it's not really considered a classic by any measure. But Days of Thunder has its fans, and those people would be really pissed if Paramount decided to remake their beloved NASCAR movie. That's why it's surprising that the studio is not following with the traditional Hollywood procedure of redoing, rebooting or otherwise diminishing the original. Instead, according to Variety, Paramount is celebrating Days of Thunder on its 20th anniversary.

No, it's not getting a special theatrical re-release nor is it likely that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman will be reunited for a big occasion. Simply, the studio has made a number of licensing deals related to the film's anniversary. Kohls will be selling men's t-shirts with the tagline "You Can't Outrun the Thunder" and Robert Duvall's signature line, "Rubbin' is Racin.'" Also, there's reportedly a downloadable videogame on the way this summer!

It may not sound like much, but there's something to be said for Paramount's idea to spotlight a 20-year-old property. Are they interested in giving back to the small, loyal fanbase? Or, do they hope to acquire new fans -- a new generation of racing fans, for instance -- by promoting the heck out of an archive title with a continued niche audience? The reasoning from the studio is officially thus: "Days of Thunder is a timeless racing film that has maintained a strong following 20 years after its theatrical release."
You could say unveiling a bunch of crap for Days of Thunder fans to buy is as exploitative as remaking the movie, but just imagine if studios regularly got this nostalgic about their library titles. If only Sony would celebrate Total Recall this year for its 20th anniversary with new merchandising rather than keep gunning for that remake that's in the works.

Of course, Days of Thunder will probably be remade someday. So this may just be a short-lived embrace by the studio before they figure out it'll be more profitable to redo the movie with Taylor Lautner and some relative newcomer Austrialian actress looking to jump start her Hollywood career via a high profile romance.
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