I'm sure I'm not the only person who likes Doug Liman's Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But I might be the only person who considers it a masterpiece. The problem is, I don't really know how to defend it without sounding like a bad combo of fanboy and academic. Saying it's the best action movie interpretation of the comedy of remarriage subgenre since Twistersurely isn't bringing anyone to my side, even if they are fans of both Twister and classic screwball comedies of the '30s and '40s.

Regardless of my inability to properly convince people of how perfect Mr. & Mrs. Smith is, I'm sure I can get enough people to agree with me that Fox should not dismiss the film by trying again with a sort of remake/reboot. According to Vulture, the production company New Regency, which operates out of the Fox lot and through its distribution, and original producer Akiva Goldsmith are hoping for a new franchise this time around with a prequel/origins movie (now titled Mr. and Mrs. Jones) that recasts the title characters, originally played by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Liman's version itself was a sort of uncredited remake. Alfred Hitchcock's Mr. & Mrs. Smithis a screwball comedy with Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery as a married couple who find out they're not really married. The 2005 version very loosely stretches this premise to be about a married couple who find out each other is a spy working at a competing agency. In some ways, it appeared to also lift a bit from the same-named, failed Scott Bakula-Maria Bello TV series of 1996, about spies who regularly pretend they're husband and wife (which actually seems even more an inspiration to the reboot). The result is a movie that comments wittingly on marriage, gender roles, corporate culture and the business of intelligence.

Fox had tried to continue the story from the film as a TV series a few years ago (rather than immediately rebooting the franchise with Eli Roth at the helm), but the pilot was never picked up. So why not give a sequel another try instead?

How Pitt and Jolie could not want to do this is beyond me. Maybe he thinks he's above an action franchise, but all he needs to do is talk to his buddy Matt Damon to understand how a spy series initially begun by Doug Liman can be a worthwhile effort in between the more-serious projects. Meanwhile, Jolie keeps signing on to presumably worse spy thrillers like Saltand The Tourist. And yet she seems to be open to further attempts at starring in her own franchise post Lara CroftTomb Raider.

And if rumors of Brangelina's marital troubles are anywhere near truth, Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2 would be a terrific and fitting way for them to rekindle their flame. The original production is where Pitt and Jolie first got involved, quite scandalously, and their onscreen chemistry benefited greatly from the on-set romance. I don't know the last film that had a male and female lead that worked off each other physically and verbally as well as them since. And I highly doubt New Regency will find a better couple for any remake they've got in mind.

Who else would rather see Brangelina reunited for a sequel than a reboot?
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