Call me a dork if you want to, but I love to throw an Oscar party. Every year I bust out my snack trays and print up some ballots for a traditional Oscar shindig, and this year will be no different. The rules for an Oscar party aren't all that different than any other party - you need some food, some booze, and hey, why not a little gambling -- ya know, for "entertainment purposes"? Now some of you out there like to bet money, and sure, that can be fun, but I like to put together prize packages to give away, and besides, the addition of a booby prize guarantees that I can ditch some of the lesser selections in my DVD collection (I'm looking at you, The Goods).

The best part about hosting your own Academy Awards party is that you can get as elaborate as you want: throw down some red carpet, get the champagne flowing, and you can even have mock paparazzi working the room. But I tend to keep things a little more low-key and you're more likely to see popcorn and theater candy (milk duds, Twizzlers, you name it) on my snack table than bottles of Moet. But hey, don't let me stop you; let your imagination (and budget) run wild.

With the big night just a little under a month away, I thought I would get you in the mood with a few suggestions for your Oscar night menu...
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