Today's pitch is sort of a last chance grab at any possibility of Warner Bros. not rebooting the Superman franchise yet again and instead letting Bryan Singer, or someone else, simply move forward from the underrated Superman Returns. I'm sure to be in my own boat here, especially since all the geeks are celebrating Christopher Nolan's reported involvement with version 3.0 of the superhero on film (if we're talking theatrical releases, isn't this version 5.0? And if we're talking all adaptations it's like version 10.6.2). Still, I'm going to once again make the case for...

Superman Returns 2

Of course it wouldn't be titled that. What an awkward title. But my point is that I'd like to see Singer's installment get a follow-up rather than another reboot. As I noted in my take on the pseudo Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot yesterday, and as some commenters agreed, sequels are usually more desirable than reboots. I know, go on about Nolan's Batman franchise reboot. Well, a sequel can go in a new direction, too, without the lame connotations of a reboot. Or, it can be a combo like Singer's movie was. Superman Returns continued the original Superman series while also rebooting it. I'll admit I'm a wee bit torn on the idea, as I'd like to see Brandon Routh return but I could certainly do without Kate Bosworth -- though, if Nolan can switch it up with the female lead in his Batman films, they can do it with this, as well.
One reason to let Singer have another shot is that he made such a gigantic improvement in his prior comic book franchise. X-Men, no matter any defenses you have for it, was stupid. Yet X2: X-men Unitedwas near-perfect. Anytime a studio thinks of rebooting a franchise after only one movie (a la Daredevil and Hulk), I like to point out that the second in a superhero series is often much, much, much better than the original (see Spider-Man 2,The Dark Knight, Hellboy 2, etc.).

And now, while we're on the topic of part 2s, let me just profess my love for what Richard Lester did with the original Superman franchise: he made it silly, and fun. Which is how I think of Superman, and how I prefer his universe. If only Lester would come out of retirement and return to the character. But if he can't, how about giving Joel Schumacher a go? Sure, he not only ruined the Batman franchise for awhile but went so far as to make the worst movie of all time with it, but he was just ill-fit for the Dark Knight. What he did in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin is much more appropriate for the Man of Steel. Especially the skating. Yes, I'm serious.

Okay, I'm ready for you all to pelt me as hard as you can with Kryptonite and other hard substances.
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