Fans seem to be disappointed with HomeAway's Vacation-themed Super Bowl spot (the TV version or 14-minute version), for which Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo returned as Clark and Ellen Griswold. But will this disappointment affect their interest in the next film installment of the Vacation franchise, announced as a semi-reboot divorced from the National Lampoon name last fall? Variety has an update on the torch-passing sequel, and so far it sounds like it could be a worthwhile resurrection of the series.

What we previously learned was that this still-untitled film will focus on Clark and Ellen's son, Rusty, who is now all grown-up and vacationing with his own family. Specifically, he'll be taking the kids across America to show them Wally World before the amusement park closes forever. Ten bucks says they get there too late and repeat the original film's climax of hijacking the place. Hey, as long as it's written well, I don't mind a recycled plot. It's still better than a complete remake.
It's hard to tell how great the writing will be, though, as the duo tapped for the screenplay haven't yet had a project go before a movie audience before. Jonathan Goldstein, who has written for TV series The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Geena Davis Show, is co-scripting Rusty's vacation with John Francis Daley, best remembered as one of the geeks of Freaks and Geeks. However, they've apparently been a hot screenwriting team recently, thanks to a bunch of in-development films like Horrible Bosses, which is one of many planned projects (fortunately) keeping director Seth Gordon from doing that dramatized remake of his documentary King of Kong.

There's still no director attached to this thing, but Wedding Crashers' David Dobkin is still named as a producer. And still no star, so I'll continue rallying for the casting of Anthony Michael Hall to reprise his role as the original Rusty (played in sequels by Jason Lively, Johnny Galecki and Ethan Embry). I also would love to see Jane Krakowski return as Rusty's cousin Vicki as much as I want at least cameos from D'Angelo and Chase (who is still only said to be "expected to" be back).

Finally, Variety is still noting this sequel will have a tone akin to Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which like the original Vacation came from the mind of the late John Hughes. Does this mean it will be sadder? More sentimental? Will Grandpa Clark die? Will Rusty pick up an annoying yet lonely and good-intentioned hitchhiker who contributes to the disastrous nature of the road trip? We'll just have to wait and see what kind of saccharine shenanigans are in store whenever the movie reaches theaters.
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