If you thought Garry Marshall's latest romantic comedy was a bit of stunt programming – because what else are chicks gonna want to see on Valentine's Day, riiight? – the good folks at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles have done Marshall one better. For their midnight show this Saturday night, starting as the clock strikes 12 on February 14, the most romantic day of the year, the New Beverly will play one of the most fun, subversive, and unforgettable teen sex comedies of the 1980s: Boaz Davidson's The Last American Virgin.

The premise isn't terribly dissimilar from other teen sex comedies of the '70s and '80s; average American teenager Gary (Lawrence Monoson) and his pals, ladies man Rick (Steve Antin) and chubby David (Joe Rubbo), spend their days trying to hook up with the hottest girls in school. Gary, the titular virgin, falls in love with a girl named Karen (Better Off Dead's Diane Franklin), but she's in love with Rick. A love triangle ensues, but meanwhile, Gary, Rick, and David stumble into one sexcapade after another.

Based on the Israeli cult film Eskimo Limon, The Last American Virgin opened in 1982 and left theaters more quickly than it deserved, overshadowed that summer by the better marketed, more widely distributed Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But as its devoted fan following can attest, LAV truly stands out within its genre; while its jokes are as funny, its soundtrack is as bursting with New Wave hit singles, and its content is as sexual (if not more) than its peer films, only The Last American Virgin has the cojones to give its audience the last thing they don't know they need: a surprise.

In case you haven't yet experienced the awesomeness that is The Last American Virgin, I'll say no more. And I can't promise that you'll get any luckier than Gary does with your own Valentine after watching it. But I can say this: you'll leave with a changed perspective on love, dating, and teen sex comedies. (And if your lady ends up hating this '80s comedy classic, you'll know it was never meant to be.)

Best of all, this special Valentine's Day screening will be accompanied by a Q&A with cast members Monoson, Paul Keith, and Franklin! Rest assured you'll have plenty of questions for Franklin. Oh, yes. You will. (Sadly, co-star Steve Antin - who also played Troy in The Goonies and exec produced the Pussycat Dolls reality show -- is not scheduled to attend. He's currently filming Burlesque, starring Cher, Xtina Aguilera, and Kristen Bell, which he co-wrote and is directing.)

The Last American Virgin plays Saturday night at 11:59 pm at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. Tickets and more info here.