Toy Story 3
This new full length trailer offers a little more on the situation our old pals find themselves in once Andy goes off to college and his toys have been donated to a daycare center. The veteran toys at the center seem nice at first, but there appears to be some sort of conspiracy at work. This one hits on June 18.

Get Him to the Greek
Russell Brand reprises his role of out of control rock star Aldous Snow (last seen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Jonah Hill plays a record company intern that must make sure Snow gets to a performance on time. Hill is playing a different character than the one played in Sarah Marshall, though I don't think it would have been too hard to believe that Matthew the waiter was now interning. Watch for this on June 4.

Roman soldiers in 117 A.D. are trapped behind enemy lines and must make their way home. The period setting looks cool, bu nothing else is really wowing me here. Director Neil Marshall previously made Dog Soldiers and The Descent, two pretty awesome little movies, so I have some hope for this one. No U.S. release date yet. a href="">Leaves of Grass
Ed Norton plays an Ivy League professor who returns to his hometown in Oklahoma upon hearing about the murder of his identical twin brother. His pot-dealing sibling is actually still alive, but in a lot of trouble with some bigger fish in the drug dealing pond. Hijinks ensue. This indie comedy hits theaters on April 2.

Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl play a couple who meet on vacation in Europe and marry soon after. Heigl's character quickly learns that her new hubby is a paid assassin for the U.S. government and things get complicated. Kutcher's presence in a movie isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for me, but he doesn't make it easy and I find him irritating in this one. You can see this on June 4 if your are so inclined.

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